Policies & Procedures

We would like to share our policies regarding purchasing a vehicle at Brampton Motors.

Before we list our policies Brampton Motors would like to state the following:

As a consumer, one needs to understand that they are purchasing a USED vehicle. Not all USED vehicles are in the same condition as others. That being said, Brampton Motors makes every effort to try and meet our customer’s expectations.

Prior to any consumer purchase, the customer needs to take it upon themselves to be well informed about the products and procedures in which they are buying from.

We sell two types of vehicles and each type is prepared differently.

All vehicles are subject to the following when buying a vehicle from Brampton Motors. There are 2 options of buying a vehicle from Brampton Motors. Obviously, both options do incur 13% tax. The first type of vehicle we sell comes Certified and E-Tested:

1) Certified & E-Tested Vehicles


Certified: The Ontario Safety Standards Certificate is mandated by the Province of Ontario . Only accredited service centers are allowed to process these certificates. The “Standards” have been set by the Province of Ontario and in effect, they ensure that vehicle is safe when leaving a dealer’s lot.

E-Tested: The emission test is mandated by the Province of Ontario. Only accredited E-test Centers and equipment are allowed to process these certificates. The minimum allowable emission levels have been set by the Province of Ontario and in effect, they ensure that the vehicle is “environmentally friendly” when leaving a dealer’s lot.

There are many instances in which the certification cost goes over the average cost. That being said, the customer would never pay any additional cost. Rather,Brampton Motors would absorb those costs. Each and every customer is entitled to our mechanics’ receipt of the repairs done to their vehicle.

Free CARFAX Vehicle History Reports with every vehicle purchased!

CARFAX is the only service in North America that provides consumers with Canadian insurance and accident claims data. Through its live connection to comprehensive databases that service the Canadian insurance industry, CARFAX provides claims data from the vast majority of Canada’s private insurance industry. What does this mean? This means that if an insurance payout was issued by a specific insurance company, the payout amount will be displayed on the CARFAX Claims Report for that specific vehicle.

Optional Vehicle Inspection

Every customer is given the option of having the vehicle inspected by a dealership or their own mechanic before taking possession of the vehicle and paying for it. This option can, and will be clearly stated in writing.

Furthermore, if a vehicle is found to have any deficiencies, either Brampton Motors will repair them at their own cost or return the deposit in full and YES, this is put in writing as well.

The option of having the vehicle inspected by a third party is incurred by the customer if they so choose this option. If they would like the vehicle inspected by their own mechanic, as long as their mechanic is within a reasonable distance from our Brampton Motors location, we may take it there as well, or you can take it there yourself.

2) ‘AS IS’ Vehicles

If a customer chooses to buy the vehicle ‘AS IS’, they are entitled to a $500 discount.

Brampton Motors will not service the vehicle in any way with this option. In addition, customers will have to be responsible for transporting the vehicle on their to their own service facility.

The reason that Brampton Motors would waive $500 for AS IS vehicles is because more often than not, we end up spending more than $500 to get the vehicle up to customer satisfaction. These items include safety items, non related items and cosmetic items.

It would be more cost effective to sell the vehicle AS IS and not incur all these costs as a business. In addition, customer has to understand there is an added risk by taking the vehicle ‘AS IS’. The customer would be accountable for all cost incurred by their own mechanic to get the vehicle to meet all safety standards. The safest way to buy a vehicle is certified from the dealership because the dealership is ultimately responsible for all safety items to be fixed and thus, incur all the expenses.